Reliability of the information

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a�? KIDxperience encourages all the members of the platform to always maintain a fluid and close communication and to be ready to provide any information required by another family.

a�? Current information systems enables to contrast all the information shown in the profiles.

a�? Ask for references about previous exchanges.

a�? Documentation. If you want to confirm the information provided by the other KIDxperience family we recommend asking for official documents. You should be aware that if you request some information you should be also ready to handle the same to the other family. Follows a list with some documents which may be of assistance:

  1. Family Book
  2. School Letter signed by the guardian assigned to the child
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  4. Health Certificate of the child
  5. Letter of reference from friends or institutions
  6. Letter of reference from the parents job
  7. Certificate of penal records
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  9. Letter of intentions

a�? Irrespectively of the written communications, we discourage to close an exchange if at least one communication is exchanged either by phone or by video conference, Facetime, Skype, or the like.

a�? If during the selection process of the exchange any doubt arises, please do not hesitate to contact KIDxperience.