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    Entering in the platform as collaborator is totally free.

    The collaborator compromises to respect the principles, procedures and operational rules of this platform, and if so required to permit the use of his facilities, sportive or cultural and the participation in its activities to the KIDxperience members.

    If you are interested in becoming collaborator of the KIDxperience platform contact us info@kidxperience.com


    The admission as collaborator in the KIDxperience platform implies the acceptance acceptance of the following core commitments by the organization or sportive, cultural or educational entity:

    1. To give publicity among their members of the agreement settled with KIDxperience and to promote their joining the platform.
    2. To contrast the condition of club member of those who apply for their entry in the platform KIDxperience and to communicate it by the automatic channel available in the web.
    3. To facilitate the access to their premises to the exchanging members from another KIDxperience collaborator and the participation in their programmed activities and events on a reciprocity basis.
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    5. To appoint an interlocutor for the relationship between the collaborator and KIDxperience.
    6. To allow the provision of a link to the collaborator website from this site and the use of the image of the collaborator and its identification as collaborator of KIDxperience.
    7. To select international related clubs or canters and to invite them to join KIDxperience to promote the exchanges among their members.

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    The collaborator is responsible of the crosschecking of their members WITHOUT ASSUMING ANY LIABILITY for the exchanges agreed by the families.

    Family Exchange S.L. owner of KIDxperience reserves the right for the admission of those collaborators whose values are compatible with this project. The entry as collaborator is subject to the prior acceptance by KIDxperience.

    The original idea and the development of the project for the learning languages in a family, by means of the reciprocal exchange of their children, among families membership of a community, meaning clubs, sport centres, educational and /or cultural centres etc. located in different countries, to promote their personal idiomatic, cultural and sportive development through any platform/service on line is of the exclusive propriety of Family Exchange S.L. being expressly prohibited its use or the implementation of a similar service either by any collaborator on his own or jointly with any third party, unless express authorization is given by the proprietor. Family Exchange S.L. reserves the right to agree individual terms and conditions with any collaborators, the applicable bonus and staging special promotions to some communities. Family Exchange S.L may modify these conditions unilaterally but the affected collaborators should be duly reported of that change.