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Clear and truthfull communication

a�? It has to be taken into consideration that the profile is a starting point for the familya��s acquaintance. Take your time to fill in your profile, give details about your way of living and your expectations purchase sarafem dosage . Ita��s a source of information about your family and about what are you looking for, for your children.

a�? Your child will start living with another family, who has the same concerns as yours, about his safety and well being of its child, therefore a clear and truthful communication with the other family is really important.

a�? Communications should include truthful and accurate information about the members of the family, its habits and customs. On view of the broad use of the social networks, we deeply recommend to include your contact details in your personal and professional networks. Thus that the other families can contrast the details shown in your profiles. You can also ask the other family for the same information if it is not displayed in its profile.

a�? We do suggest to provide details about how will be the stay at yours, where would it take place, which activities can be carried out, weather conditions during the time proposed, and even whether the dates are flexible all along the year or only for a specific period of the year, school holidays, or whether you are interested in an exchange for a school term, for several months, and with or without attendance to a school.

a�? Try to point out those questions which can make the stay at yours more attractive.

a�? Put on your record any relevant information about your family which might be decisive in choosing your family in the selection process. As an example, before fixing the exchange any special eating habits should be detailed, specify pets or other animals in the home, religious customs and whichever circumstance may affect the stay of a child at yours.

a�? Once you are confident with the other family or enters into direct contact , you can exchange contact details, such as mails to held private communications. At the same time, we highly recommend the use of video call, Skype, Facetime or the like, to have a more close contact between parents and children who will take part in the exchange. That will give the children the opportunity to know the other child and his/her hobbies.

a�? It is highly recommended to give a clear answer as soon as possible to any request for exchange or any communication received from any KIdxperience family.