Only by recommendation

Access to KIDxperience platform is permitted by invitation only. Therefore, to become a member, you have to be invited by a KIDxperience friend who is already member or collaborator. KIDxperience is a community formed by parents concerned about their children, their education and their safety. Thus, we enhance all parents/guardians to protect this community to be safe and reliable and to help us to create a reliable and secure international net.
For this reason only invited families can became part of KIDxperience.
You can be invited either by a KIDxperience friend or collaborator. The collaborators act as referral for the families and do not assume any liability in connection with the exchange. The families are THE ONES who exclusively assume any liability which may arise in connection with their exchanges.

Invite a friend

To invite a friend you have to go to your private area and there you have the option to a�?invite a frienda�? Only members can send an invitation.

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Sign in and fill your profile

Upon receipt of an invitation from a friend to join Kidxperience, youa��ll have access to the Registration Form, which has to be filled in with your user name and password.

Once confirmed your suitability, by entering your user name and password you will access to the PRIVATE AREA, to fill in your familiar profile. In this area youa��ll provide information and pictures about your family, which can be modified as many times as you wish.

Your personal profile will be in stand by and will not be visible for other KIDxperience families and no matching could be done until the payment of the fee is confirmed.

Together with the confirmation of your user name and password, you will receive a Member Code (ID 00000).

Joining the platform and fees

Upon payment of the yearly registration fee the family/child may agree as many exchanges as she wish to..

KIDxperience reserves its right to modify the registration fees at any time.

Your registration fee for the yearly renewal has to be credited by Credit Card, the most reliable, fastest and safest method of payment.

The payment of the subscription fee gives right to:
a�? A yearly subscription counting as from the confirmation of the registration.
a�? Unlimited access to the data base and contacts with other KIDxperience members.
a�? Possibility to modify your profile as often as you wish.
a�? Possibility to agree as many exchanges as you wish.
a�? Unlimited contact with the customer service department of KIDxperience.

Family search

The process to choose the KIDxperience family starts by entering the preferences of the child in the search engine: age, language, country, activity, etc. The more input data, the less results, so it is suggested not to be too restrictive with the searching criteria, it may happen that a family, which does not seem to be very attractive initially, could become a more convenient exchange. The search results are displayed in a list, with a resume of the family profiles, which comply with your preferences.

The full profile of the families is only visible to KIDxperience members. If you are not a member, only the number of families will be shown, but the personal profile will not be disclosed.

This system safeguards members privacy whose personal data are only available to those already registered in the platform.

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Meet the family

The search process filters the preferences, such as age, sport, and language to find out the suitable KIDxperience family, and the results are shown in a recap with the families, which comply with your preferences. You can access to the family profile fitting better with yours.
Once the family is selected, you should contact them by sending an introductory email with some information about your family and your interests. This is a very personal process, with a permanent contact with the other family during the preparation and the trip. Therefore, both families are acquainted before the trip.

These emails are sent through the internal message network so that you can maintain the privacy of your personal data. At the same time, we do highly recommend the use of video call, Skype, Facetime or the like, in order to have a direct contact which is considered as a key element for the families and children to get acquainted before the trip.
There is no objection to enter into contact with several families at the same time in order to choose the one which better suits your preferences, but it is strongly recommended not to give rise to false expectations to families which you do not consider suitable for the exchange, whatever the reason would be.

Communications seek to achieve that the exchange will become the visit to a friend.