Foreign language + activity

This platform allows the families, not only to choose the language of the exchange, but to set up the activity wished for your child to carry on during the stay.

Each family fills in a profile with details of her home and her way of living, her son/ daughter with their hobbies, age, sports, languages. Providing this information allows knowing, which activities will be carried on by the children, the language spoken, the length and dates of the stay, … making easier the direct agreement between the families about the plan the trip. KIDxperience wants to link together children who enjoy the same hobbies. With that purpose we have developed the role of collaborators, sport clubs, cultural associations, educational centres and organizations, where children practise their favourites activities.

The collaborators act exclusively as referral for the families but without assuming any liability in connection with the exchange.

The collaboration between KIDxperience and these entities settled in different countries easies the contact among confident families, giving the children the chance to carry on during the exchange those cultural or leisure activities they practise normally buy pills . For more information see motilium no prescription, doxycycline hyclate 100mg cap. collaborators

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