How to fill in your profile? Protect your privacy
We, KIDxperience, take very seriously the security and the privacy of our members, for that reason, to contact another KIDxperience family, it is not required to provide your email address, nor your telephone number. All your emails are sent through the internal message network so that you can maintain the privacy of your personal data.

To maintain your privacy we do recommend NOT TO INCLUDE PERSONAL DATA IN YOUR PROFILE, such as your email or phone number, nor your address, neither details about the school that your children attend to. You can also use an alias, or just give your name or a surname to identify your family.

The widespread use of the social networks provides a complementary method to contrast the information about the families, above all the parenta��s information as shown in the professional networks. That information can be easily checked and provides accurate information about the professional environment of the parents.

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