Travel arrengements

a�? Along the process for the acquaintance of the families, it is very advisable that the child takes part in the selection of the families. He or she can exchange emails or video calls with the other child, to get some idea about his or her KIDxperience partner.

a�? We do recommend purchasing a travel insurance policy including health assistance to cover any incident which may happen. You can also get the European Health Assistance Card for your child which enables him or her to receive medical assistance abroad.

a�? You must supply your child with a mobile telephone so that he can contact you at any time. A list of emergency numbers should be provided to your child and to the hosting family.

a�? Schedule a video call with your child upon the arrival at destination in order to be aware of how the stay is developing.

a�? Agreement about activities. If an agreement has been reached with the other family, about any sportive or cultural to be done during the stay or your child abroad, we recommend to plan them in advance, and if possible to contract them before the departure, specifying the cost of it and the conditions of payment.

a�? Pocket money. It is assumed that the stay at the othersa�� home is free of charge. However the child may wat to buy something or make any a�?extraa�? . We recommend to talk about it with the host family before the departure: the estimate expenses for non programmed activities, such as cinema, parties, snacksa�� etc in order to avoid any surprises.

a�? Accompaniment of the child to destination. We recommend to accompany the child during the outward journey, what will enables him or her to meet personally the other family and to enjoy its hospitality. It will confirm that your child is in good hands. If you know other families whose child are traveling to the same destination, it may be convenient to reach an agreement for them travelling together with only one adult.

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