• kidXperience quienes somos
  • Confidence and security

    KIDxperience is a community formed by parents concerned about their children, their education and their safety. Thus, we enhance all parents / guardians to protect this community to be safe and reliable and to help us to create a truthful and secure international net.

    For this reason only invited families can become part of KIDxperience.

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    Families are not remunerated for hosting children and the exchange of homestays invites each KIDxperience to take the maximum care of the host child in an atmosphere of affection and friendship.
    The reciprocal exchange is a familiar process; all the family is involved in its set up. Ita��s a very personal procedure with a permanent contact with the other family during the preparation and during the trip. This causes a great closeness between the families, which allows spotting any circumstances, which advises against the exchange.

    Verify the identity

    All guardians can verify their identities by the social networks, scanning their ID or confirming their personal data. Verify your identity in your “Private area“.

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    Valuations and references

    The profile of each KIDxperience family includes a section for the a�?assessmenta�? of the family, where you will be able to:

    Testimonies and references will be sent to our information centre for its filter and latter publishing. In any case, if you wish to share with us your experiences (testimonials, images, videos,….) let us know by sending an email to kidxp@kidxperience.com and we will publish them.

    The valuations made about another KIDxperience member will respect the right to freedom of expression, as well the terms of use and privacy policy of KIDxperience, being upon her discretion to publish it or to ask for any clarification or rectification which might be considered advisable .Under no circumstances will be published any information which infringes the right to the honour and the intimacy of the KIDxperience members.