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  • What are they?

    The collaborators are sport clubs, cultural associations, educational centres, and organizations, where children practice their favourite activities.

    Once the suitability of these entities has been credited, they can invite their associates or members to join and to become a KIDxperience family.

    The collaborators can ONLY invite to join KIDxperience members of their clubs or associations and their liability is limited to crosscheck their condition as associates.

    The collaboration between KIDxperience and these entities settled in different countries facilitates the contact between trustable families, and gives the children the chance to carry on with their leisure, sport and cultural activities during the exchange.

    Advantages for a KIDxperience collaborator. See more.
    1. KIDxperience brings organizations closer and helps to their internationalization.
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    3. The collaborator offers a service of added value to their members.
      language + culture + activity
    4. To be a collaborator of KIDxperience is free of charge.

    A collaborator acts as a reference for its members wishing to join KIDxperience.

    The collaborator of KIDxperience offers to their members and associates a range of families wishing to set up an exchange for their children. Families get in touch directly and agree the terms of the exchange, neither the collaborators nor KIDxperience take part in the agreement. Any incident which may arise as a consequence of the exchange relies on the exclusive liability of the family .

    A detailed description of the activity developed by each collaborator is included under tab a�?our collaboratorsa�? accessible to all the users.

    Collaborators will manage their invitations and recommendation to their members through their a�?private areaa�? in the web.

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