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  • What is KIDxperience?

    KIDxperience is an online platform which puts into direct contact families from different countries who are interested in setting up the exchange of their children in order to learn a foreign language.
    KIDxperience offers some unique advantages:

    1. A non-profit community of families ready to share their way of life with a child from another culture. More info.
      Families are not remunerated for hosting children in the reciprocal exchange program and their motivation is to take the best care of the host children as expected to be done with their own child. Exchange can be agreed simultaneously or successively.
    2. The acquaintance with the family before the exchange. More info.
      Families get involved in the search and selection of the best family environment for their children, so there is no uncertainty about the host family, their way of life and the activities that the child will do during the exchange.
    3. Family search by affinities. Cheap More info.
      The searching process for a KIDxperience family is selected by preferences; age, language, sports, and once chosen, families enter into conversations to meet each other. By doing so families and children a�?get acquainteda�? with each other before the trip, and the exchange becomes the visit to a friend.
    4. A tailor made experience: dates + language + activity. More info.
      Each family has to fill in a profile about their home and the style of the family life and their child, their hobbies, age, sports, foreign languages etc.. This information will give an idea about which activities could be carried out by the child, in which language, the duration of the trip, and it will make easier a tailor made trip directly agreed between the families.
    5. Children improve the foreign language in a natural way. More info.
      KIDxperience is a pattern to learn a foreign language based on the cultural and social immersion, in a familiar environment.
    6. Personal and cultural enrichment of the minors. More info.
      Therefore KIDxperience contributes to the cultural and the language education of our children for the challenges in todaya��s globalized world, with a direct and economical pattern.
    7. Cheaper. More info
      The new technologies, as well as the personal involvement of the families in the search and selection, enables KIDxperience proposal to be cheaper and more cost effective than the traditional agencies. There are no intermediaries, so the costs are lower.


    Origin of the project

    We are Inma and Alicia, two professionals devoted to marketing and law, but above all, conscious mummies concerned about the education of our children. Learning a second language is a must for their future and the best option is to study it in a native country. However, the cost involved in travelling abroad through a traditional agency gave us pause for thought about any alternative at a reasonable cost. Joining our professional skills to our personal familiar experiences, we have given shape to our commitment to bringing up our children from wider open minds, from the diversity and with a view on their personal enrichment, to develop this endeavour which thrills us equally as mothers and entrepreneurs.

    While travelling abroad you get to know families and you realize how similar they are to yours, since children have quite similar hobbies and confidence is built between the families. Wouldna��t it be possible to take advantage of these synergies to exchange experiences and to promote the language immersion?

    We believe it would, and it is the reason why we have launched KIDxperience.


    Our efforts are focused on the personal development of our children, their training and knowledge as well as their well being. A homestay with a family from a different cultural environment will enrich them and complement their education for the challenges of the future.This concern has prompted us to develop a platform for the reciprocal exchange between families, where the experience to improve a foreign language takes place in a close and respectful atmosphere. Where each KIDxperience family is fully involved in the preparation, in the homestay and the acquaintance of the hosting family with whom his/her child will share their daily life and their friendship in a spontaneous manner, becoming part of the sport and leisure activities of the hosting family.

    Present communication technologies provide the necessary tools to be acquainted with another family from their own home. The videoconference and the social media allow contrasting the profile of the other families.

    And the most important, with the purpose to create a community of families with the same values and interests, the access to the platform requires the prior invitation of a member or a collaborator of KIDxperience. Thus, only reliable families can become members, with the aim of creating an international net of trustable families.

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